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Komal Mehta

Komal Mehta

Senior Case Manager

Komal Mehta works as a case manager with our employment-based immigrant visa department. She meticulously oversees cases related to the EB-1A Extraordinary Ability Visas and EB-2 National Interest Waiver Applications.

Originating from the culturally rich tapestry of India, Komal brings a unique blend of academic excellence and professional dedication. A proud alumna of Delhi University, she holds degrees in B.Sc and B.Ed, which serve as a testament to her commitment to knowledge and growth.

For Komal, immigration law isn’t just a profession; it’s a passion that pulses through her every day. Each client she interacts with presents a new narrative, a unique dream, and she cherishes the privilege of being a part of their journey. Her comprehensive expertise spans various visa categories, from the distinguished EB1A and EB2 NIW to the student-centric F1 visa. This vast knowledge, combined with her innate ability to connect and empathize, makes her an invaluable asset to both ImmiVisa and its clients.

Beyond her professional realm, Komal is an ardent explorer, driven by a curiosity to understand diverse cultures and perspectives. This innate inquisitiveness not only enriches her personal experiences but also amplifies her interactions with clients, making them deeply insightful and genuine.

Languages: Hindi, Punjabi, English