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Our Services

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We are passionate about helping all of our clients achieve their business goals and we service small and mid-sized companies with the same level of attention and sophistication that we would provide a fortune 500 company.



Empowerment through Immigration

Our goal is audacious but clear: to guide one million dreams to U.S. shores, transforming aspirations into reality through seamless immigration approval. At ImmiVisa, we’re not just navigating legal pathways; we’re unlocking a world of potential for individuals and businesses globally.

Curious how we help with your specific immigration question? Just ask.


Meet Our Dedicated Team

At ImmiVisa, we want to offer you Immigration Made Simple. Whether for work, study, or visit, we are there to help discover and implement your immigration options from A to Z. You’ll have a reliable team supporting you, with professionals who truly care and dedicate themselves to you.


Making Immigration
happen all over world

We understand that foreign workers are often at the heart of your business’ success. In a world where companies must often rely on foreign workers to remain competitive, ImmiVisa offers a complete line of services to ensure that your business’ workers will be able to work lawfully in the United States.

ImmiVisa brings together lawyers and paralegals with many years of experience in immigration, whether temporary or permanent, as well as citizenship. Our firm is based in the heart of Ohio.

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Our Immigration

Looking for help with your visa or immigration? Or maybe you’re interested in an immigration lawyer for your international business. Whatever you need, we’re here to help you and your people get where you need to be.

Comprehensive Visa Consultation

Book a comprehensive visa consultation to discuss your U.S. immigration matters with our practice.