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Josephus Van Roy

Josephus Van Roy, a case manager, poses in front of a door wearing a suit.

Josephus Van Roy

Case Manager

Josephus is a member of our nonimmigrant and family-based team, where he regularly works with adjustment of status and change of status applications.

A polyglot at heart, Josephus is fluent in Portuguese, English, and Spanish, and his passion for languages continues as he delves into studying more. His academic journey saw him earn a bachelor’s degree in agronomic engineering from the Federal University of Amazonas in 2006. This foundation led him to the esteemed National Institute for Amazonian Research, where he made notable contributions in the realm of soil fertility and plant nutrition, even publishing a paper on the subject.

While Josephus’s foray into entrepreneurship spanned eight fruitful years, it was the humanities that truly captured his heart. This newfound passion steered him towards a law degree from Uninorte University in 2014. Today, as a dedicated member of our nonimmigrant and family-based teams, he adeptly handles adjustment and change of status applications.

Josephus’s diverse background, from agronomic research to entrepreneurship and now law, equips him with a unique perspective for many immigrants seeking new business opportunities in the United States. This, combined with his deep-rooted ties to immigration, makes him an invaluable asset to our team and the clients he serves.

Languages: Portuguese, English