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Agustina Tassara

Agustina Tassara

Law Clerk

Agustina Tassara is a dedicated Law Clerk at Immivisa Law Group in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where her work is fueled by a passion for making a significant impact on people’s lives through immigration law. Her academic background in Law and Public Translation from the University of Buenos Aires equips her with a robust foundation in legal principles and multilingual communication. Fluent in Spanish and English, Agustina is pivotal in bridging cultural and linguistic barriers, ensuring clear and precise communication with clients.

In her role at Immivisa Law Group, Agustina is actively involved in writing legal briefs and collaborates closely with case managers and attorneys to ensure impeccable service for clients. Her meticulous attention to detail and organizational skills are critical in delivering high-quality work that meets the intricate demands of immigration law. Agustina’s profound empathy and understanding of the transformative impact of her work drive her commitment to excellence, making her a pivotal member of the team.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Agustina has a love for travel and horses, which enrich her perspective and contribute to her well-rounded personality. These passions reflect her adventurous spirit and dedication to experiencing and appreciating the diversity of life.