What To Expect At a Visa Appointment Interview?


The primary goal of the interview before issuing a visa is to verify the information of the applicant in the application and to make sure that the applicant qualifies for the desired visa. The applicant should be prepared for the visa interview and should have all the documents ready with him/her. For different visas the specific question related to the purpose may vary but there are certain common questions for all the visa types.

Common Questions In The Interview

  • What is the purpose of the visit?

This is an introductory question and should be answered shortly explaining the purpose of travel. It can be for business purposes, medical reasons, meet relatives.

  • Have you been to the U.S. before?

The applicant should honestly answer this question and tell the reason if the applicant has travelled to the U.S.

  • Do you have relatives or friends in the U.S?

It is always advisable, to tell the truth to the consular officer taking the interview. The officer may find out through some of the other ways of the truth

  • .Details of the friend or relative in the U.S. if any.

The applicant will be asked to tell the details of any friend or relative staying in the U.S. The applicant should be aware of their address, occupation, etc.

  • Where will you be residing in the U.S.?

The applicant has to tell the officer where he/she is going to stay. It can be a hotel or a relative or a friend’s place.

  • What is the reason for traveling to the U.S. during that time?

The applicant has to give the reason to travel during that period. It can be either job, vacation time, studies, etc.

  • How long the applicant intends to stay?

The applicant has to clearly state the duration of his stay to the consular officer. These details are there in the application with the officer, but this way the officer will start the communication.

  • Why do you plan to stay so long?

This question is asked to the applicant who has applied for more than 6 months of stay. The applicant must have a strong and comprehensive explanation for his stay for more than 6 months.

  • Who is accompanying you?

The applicant should state with whom he/she will accompany to the U.S. The applicant also has to tell the relationship with the person and in what capacity their visa will be applied.

  • The cost of the stay in the U.S.

The applicant should have an itinerary ready with him/her which has all the expenses and which shows the consular the planning of the applicant.

  • What do you do for a living? How much do you earn?

The applicant should talk about his/her profession and his earnings from all the sources to the officer.

  • How will the applicant finance the trip to the U.S.?

The officer wants to know where the money will come from. The applicant also has to present their bank statement, so that the officer knows if the trip is sponsored. If someone is sponsoring then the details of the person, his occupation, relation with the applicant, earnings, etc.

  • Are you married? Do you have children? Do you have pets? Who will take care of them while you are away?

The consular officer by asking these questions wants to know the intention of the applicant of returning to the home country.

  • Do you have any intention of remaining in the US?

The applicant should refuse and show his intention of not staying in the U.S. the applicant should give a very convincing reason to the officer of his ties with the home country and will return to his/her country.


Thus, we see that these are the general questions that an applicant is asked in the interview. The questions can be specific as per the type of visa. If the visa type is student, then the questions will be also about the education, its duration. If the visa is for employment in the U.S., then the questions would be about the employer, type of employment, duration, etc. The specific questions will vary with the type of visa.