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Who Needs the Assistance of an E1 Visa Attorney?


An E1 visa is a non-immigrant visa granted to a foreign national entering the United States to conduct international trade with a treaty country. These individuals are enlisted to work in a specialty occupation on the list of occupations designated by the Secretary of Labor. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Advertising

  • Banking

  • Consulting

  • Data processing

  • Engineering

  • Insurance

  • Technology transfer

  • Tourism

E1 visa lawyers are knowledgeable about employment immigration law. They may be able to help you with the employment immigration process, including an H-1B visa. Contact the ImmiVisa Law group for assistance today.

What Is an E-1 Visa?


E-1 visas, also referred to as treaty trader visas, are non-immigrant visas intended for foreign nationals from countries with which the United States has a qualifying treaty of friendship, commerce, navigation, or other similar agreements.

Nationals of such countries can obtain visas for work in the U.S.A. for purposes of developing and directing their trade or international exchange with the United States. E-1 visas are also conditional on the principal treaty trader engaging in substantial trade between the U.S. and the qualifying treaty country.

The United States maintains trade treaties with numerous foreign nations, such as the following treaty countries:

  • China

  • Denmark

  • Japan

  • Mexico

  • New Zealand

  • Pakistan

  • Poland

  • Serbia

  • Spain

  • Switzerland

  • Turkey

  • United Kingdom

This is not an exhaustive list. This type of visa can also be used by employees traveling on their company’s behalf and have been authorized by their employer to do so. An immigration lawyer can provide additional information.

Going From an E1 Visa to Green Card


The United States offers many visa options for those who wish to live and work in this country. The E-1 visa is among the most common visas for foreign entrepreneurs who want to start a business or another substantial trade in the U.S.

An E1 visa is an excellent option for those looking to start a business in the U.S., but it does not offer any permanent residency or citizenship benefits. To obtain a green card, you will need to apply for one through other types of visas, such as an EB-5 or H-1B.

The EB-5 is another popular visa option for foreign entrepreneurs and their families that wish to live and work in the U.S., but it requires a significant investment upfront on behalf of the applicant as well as their family members.

Consider retaining the services of skilled immigration lawyers if you are a foreign national seeking to relocate to the U.S. for the purposes of domestic trade. An experienced legal representative will walk you through your visa options and help you determine the best route for you.

What Are the E-1 Visa Requirements?


An applicant for this type of visa must work for an international trade organization in which the US is a member or come from a country with which the U.S. has a trade agreement, for instance, NAFTA. Foreign nationals wishing to apply for an E-1 Visa must possess:

  • Highly specialized skills

  • Special qualifications

  • Ability to work in an executive capacity

According to immigration law, the applicant must also have been considered an essential employee. A skilled immigration lawyer can provide legal advice and help you with the process.


With an E-1 Visa, Are All Employees Covered?


Unskilled workers and workers with ordinary skills are usually not eligible for these types of visas because they are for managerial and supervisory positions. However, these visas may be granted to personnel with special qualifications whose services are essential to the organization’s smooth operation. Therefore, the Treaty Trader Visa is not just for executives but also for essential employees.

Applying for an E-1 Visa Without the Assistance of a Lawyer


 A visa lawyer is not required to assist you with your E-1 visa applications – you can submit one yourself. There are more benefits to hiring one than drawbacks, however. E1 visa laws and regulations and the complicated and difficult immigration system in the U.S.A. are often challenging and require legal advice from a US-licensed lawyer who can prepare legal documents and provide legal advice.

By applying with us, you will receive the following services:

  • Help you determine whether your firm is eligible for an E-1 visa

  • Guidance through the E-1 visa application process

  • Development of an effective case strategy

  • Communication with the U.S. Embassy abroad or USCIS to complete the process successfully

Business Immigration Lawyers at Your Service


Immigration laws are inherently complex. There are many misconceptions about the E1 Visa, especially about how it can be used in the U.S. For example, many people wrongly believe that this visa category is only available to citizens of European Union countries.

For a more detailed explanation of the E-1 visa’s legal implications, contact an EB-1 visa lawyer to explain the legal ramifications of an E-1 visa and to better understand the particular requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions About Treaty Trader Visas


Can E1 Visa Holders Work in the United States?

The E1 Visa can be issued to citizens of any treaty trader country who are coming to work for a business entity, trading firm, or organization in the United States.

The E1 Visa allows these individuals to come and work in the U.S.A. for their company or organization without having to obtain an H-1B visa first, as long as they are coming from a country that has been pre-approved by Congress. 

How Long Can You Stay in the US With an E1 Visa?

The treaty trader visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows U.S. companies to transfer employees from their foreign offices to the U.S. The E-1 visa is valid for a maximum of two years and can be renewed indefinitely.

How Much Does an E-1 Visa Cost?

Since several filing fees, including the USCIS filing fee, are involved, the expense for an E-1 visa can seem high. The cost is about $320 for a single applicant and $640 for a family of two. However, consult with an experienced immigration attorney to get a full breakdown of your treaty trader visa costs and what their services will cost you.